The Muscadine is America’s Strongest Source of Grape Resveratrol.

Muscadinex is made from North Carolina muscadines to give you maximum health benefits.

MX1 Muscadinex Original Blend

Anti-aging and health extension.

Want to prolong the good years? Include antioxidants and resveratrol in your healthy lifestyle. Muscadinex is a 50/50 blend of muscadine grape seeds and grape skin. Better than seed-only health supplements.

MX2 Muscadinex & Blueberry

Cardio vascular. Memory.

Maybe you’ve been reading about the health benefits of blueberries? Our unique blend gives you muscadine grape seed, muscadine grape skin and American blueberry powder. It’s completely natural.

MX3 Muscadinex & Amla

Blood glucose. Weight loss.

The Amla Gooseberry is a powerful way to reduce blood glucose, leading to more energy and weight loss. The antioxidants and resveratrol in Muscadinex can also help people with metabolic syndrome.
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It’s North Carolina’s healthy secret.

Don’t settle for grape seed on its own. Muscadinex is 50% Carolina muscadine grape skin, and 50% Carolina muscadine grape seed.

Every capsule has the concentrated health benefits of eating a few bunches of fresh muscadines. And with Muscadinex you can enjoy those health benefits all year round.

Muscadine skin is rich in resveratrol.

Aging isn’t a big, sudden thing. It’s lots of little things, all adding up over time. Every day millions of your cells are attacked by molecules called ‘free radicals’ caused by junk food and pollutants. Over time, this cellular damage causes wrinkles through to the most dreaded illnesses.

Resveratrol, Ellagic acid and Quercetin are three natural molecules that help reduce the effects of cellular damage. They are found in abundance in muscadine grape skin. In fact the American muscadine has up to 100x more Resveratrol than some European grapes.

Muscadine seed is rich in catechins.

Americans of all ages are worried that their lifestyle is a time bomb for ill health, cognitive decline and premature aging. Food additives, excessive sugar, lack of exercise … these are some of the topics that health conscious folks think about.

Catechins and Gallic acid are two powerful antioxidant molecules found in muscadine grape seed. They can help your body to deal with free radicals, leading to healthier cells and more cellular energy.

The Whole Fruit. Nature working in harmony.

The molecules in muscadine skin and muscadine seed are complementary. They work in different ways (doctors call it ‘different pathways’) to give you a spectrum of health benefits.

We think that processed Resveratrol on its own – or just grape seeds on their own – are only doing half the job. With Muscadinex you get a 50/50 blend of powdered skin and seed for holistic, synergistic, whole fruit health benefits. It’s nature’s way.

Made in the US. Why it matters.

Most resveratrol supplements are imported. The resveratrol is processed from a weed called Japanese Knotweed. As a consumer, you don’t know where the product was grown or how it was shipped.

Muscadinex is made from Carolina muscadine grapes, harvested fresh every fall on family owned vineyards. It is bottled in FDA-inspected, cGMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) accredited facilities here in the US. And every batch is laboratory tested for microbial hygiene and quality before it is released.

Money-back Guarantee. Doctor Trusted Certified.

Your health and longevity is one area where you can’t afford to take risks or cut corners. Muscadinex is made to such high standards that every bottle has a 14-day, money back guarantee. If you’re not delighted, return it for a refund or exchange. No questions asked.

Muscadinex has also been independently assessed by the physicians at Their seal – proudly displayed on every page of our website – confirms our commitment to product quality, customer service and honest business dealings.

Share the healthy news with friends and family.

In summary, there’s three reasons we’re passionate about our Muscadinex health supplement. One, it contains the whole fruit benefits. Two, it’s 100% natural. Three, it stands for American quality and potency.

Please help us spread the word. Get your friends and family to join you in the quest for a longer, healthier and more energetic life.

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MX1 Muscadinex Original Blend.

Anti-Aging and Health Span.

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MX2 Muscadinex + Blueberry.

Cardio Vascular. Memory.

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MX3 Muscadinex + Amla.

Blood Glucose. Weight Loss.

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