Handmade, Natural Muscadine Soap.

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Skin is the body’s largest organ.

The beauty of skin is more than skin deep. It’s actually the largest organ in your body and plays a vital part in your well-being.


Our natural soap contains ingredients to retain skin moisture. We’ve created a unique anti-aging blend.


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You’ll love out foamy muscadine lather.

If you’re a fan of shea butter soaps, you’ll know that they aren’t always very foamy. But thanks to our pure muscadine juice you get a natural foamy lather.


Muscadinex soap feels wonderful, while conditioning and cleansing your skin.


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Three top moisturizers in one product.

Many mass produced soaps strip your skin of natural oils, leaving dry, flakey skin that’s prone to aging. 


But our triple blend of moisturizers provides a wide spectrum of healthy molecules that can leave your skin baby smooth.


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Shea butter helps your skin to heal itself.

Shea butter matches the pH ‘acidity’ of your skin, so the moisturizing molecules are more easily absorbed. 


Shea is rich in vitamins A, E and F, plus linoleic acid. These molecules help your skin to produce collagen, and are a natural way skin protects itself from irritants and stays hydrated.


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Olive oil has a special lubricating molecule.

Once your skin is hydrated, you need to think about elasticity. Olive oil has a secret molecule called squalene. This helps preserve the skin’s elasticity and can protect against wrinkles.


Olive oil can also help the skin to protect itself from harmful UV rays which can prematurely age your skin.


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Organic coconut oil helps with deep cleansing.

Shea butter for skin moisture, olive oil for skin elasticity, and finally we add organic coconut oil for its skin cleansing properties. That’s our unique triple skincare lineup.


Coconut oil is also rich in vitamin E, which can help to protect your skin from the harmful free radicals in airborne pollutants.


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Instead of water we use pure muscadine juice.

No expense is spared in making Muscadinex soap a premium skincare product.


Known as America’s healthiest grape, muscadine grape juice has a delicate fragrance. It is also rich in natural fructose which provides you with an extra rich lather to deep cleanse and nourish your skin.


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Muscadine fruit sugars help rejuvenate your skin.

Our muscadine juice is full of natural fructose fruit sugars. Sugar is a natural ‘humectant’, which helps to draw moisture into the skin and stop it drying out.


Sugar is also a source of glycolic acid which encourages the growth of new, young skin cells.



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Small batch … no chemical ingredients.

Everything we do is inspired by mother nature. Our soap contains no chemicals or industrial parabens. Muscadinex soap is also free of detergents, alcohols or petroleum-derived products. 


If you prefer natural products, you’ll love our soap.


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Handmade, 4-week cured for top quality.

It’s not just wine that gets better with age. Our soap has a four-week cold cure which lets all the beneficial molecules mature for maximum skin protection. 


Each bar is hand made. It’s an artisan soap made in North Carolina in the time honored way.


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Our soap+capsule bundle for ultimate skincare.

Skin ages from the inside too. So beauty really is more than skin deep.


Our muscadine capsules are rich in grape resveratrol and other polyphenols. These molecules help reduce the effects of aging. 


With Muscadinex you can have an ‘inside & out’ skincare strategy.


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Save money with our soap+capsule bundle.

To give you great service, Amazon does all our deliveries. We also offer a no-quibble, money back guarantee.

And you can save money with our special soap+capsule bundle.


Check out the bundle offers on our Amazon store. 



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