Brain protection with muscadine grape & blueberry.

The miracle that is our brain is made up of about 100 billion neurons. It has a large water content and, you might be surprised to learn, is about 60% fat.


But everything about who we are - our character, our memories, friends, family, knowledge, beliefs and opinions - is stored in this complex mass of neurons.

Sadly, like the rest of our body, the brain is subject to the effects of aging. In the case of the brain, malformed proteins can gather and lead to memory loss, reduced cognitive function and even Alzheimer's syndrome.

Oxidative stress, caused by free radical molecules, can also damage the brain. Free radicals are dysfunctional electrons in your body caused by things like processed food, sugar, air pollution and cigarette smoke.

But people can take positive action to help preserve their brain health.

Doctors say that a healthier diet and reasonable exercise can have overall health benefits.

And there are certain natural molecules which can specifically help promote a healthier brain.

Blueberry brain health. Think resveratrol and pterostilbene.

Resveratrol is a polyphenol which is found in muscadine grape skin. Pterostilbene is a polyphenol found in blueberries.

Between them, these natural fruit molecules could play a role in protecting your brain from the build-up of potentially dangerous plaque.

In one study, resveratrol was found to increase nitric oxide bioavailability. This contributed to a 17% increase in what doctors call CVR cerebrovascular responsiveness. CVR is a measure of cognitive function or brain health.

“The muscadine is America’s strongest source of grape antioxidants and polyphenols. And blueberries contain the brain-friendly polyphenol called pterostilbene”


Other research has shown that blueberry pterostilbene - which is related to resveratrol - can help with what researchers call 'hippocampal neuroplasticity'. 


In plain English, this helps the brain with both learning and memory retention functions. Blueberry pterostilbene is very effective because it is a small molecule which can pass through the blood:brain barrier.

And on the subject of the hippocampus region of the brain, yet another study showed that grapeseed could help brain health by reducing the effects of oxidative stress throughout the body. Studies suggest that grapeseed can even be useful as a preventative or therapeutic agent in Alzheimer's disease.


Muscadine grapeseed, grape skin and whole blueberries are a potent combination for cognitive protection.


And now we’ve tripled the bioavailability of Muscadinex MX2 by adding BioPerine® pepper extract. Read on ..

Powdered muscadines and blueberries have concentrated health benefits.

Fresh muscadines are only available at the end of the summer. And it’s hard to get the full muscadine and blueberry brain benefits just from eating the fruit. Here’s why:


  • Polyphenol-rich muscadine skin is thick and not pleasant to chew.

  • Antioxidant-rich muscadine seeds are too hard to bite through and digest.

  • The flesh you are left with is full of fructose fruit sugars.


This means that when people eat fresh muscadines, they are only eating the least healthy part … which is the sugar-rich flesh.


At Muscadinex we remove the sugary flesh, and this is used for making delicious muscadine wines.


We then dry and powder the healthy skin and seed portions of the fruit:


  • Because we’ve removed the water and made a powder, you’re getting concentrated health benefits.

  • The sugary flesh is removed. So you get the ‘red wine’ resveratrol benefits of the skin, but without any alcohol.

  • Because the powder is fine, it is more easily digested, so you get maximum value for money.

  • Plus our powdered product means you can enjoy muscadine health benefits all year round!


It's the same with blueberries. The sugary juice is extracted ... so you just get the polyphenol rich skin and seed.

Importantly, you get the healthy anti-oxidant and polyphenol molecules in their natural proportions. At Muscadinex we say that Mother Nature is in charge of product development. We don’t add anything … or take anything away from the healthy ingredients.

Best buy grape resveratrol & blueberry pterostilbene supplement for brain health.

Muscadinex MX2 is a unique blend of North Carolina muscadine grape skin, muscadine grape seed and whole Florida blueberry. Specially formulated for people who want to protect their brain health.

Here’s 8 reasons why Muscadinex MX2 is so popular:


The muscadine grape is America’s strongest source of grape antioxidants and polyphenols. Studies say that muscadines can contain 40x more antioxidants than red grapes. This is partly because American muscadine grapes have more chromosomes than European grapes, so they contain more healthy molecules.




Blueberries are a powerful source of pterostilbene, which is related to resveratrol. As with resveratrol, scientists are finding a wide range of health benefits associated with pterostilbene. Our blueberry powder is sourced from Florida and bottled with our muscadine powder in North Carolina.

Another health benefit of blueberry pterostilbene and muscadine grapeseed resveratrol is that these polyphenols can help you to control your blood glucose as part of a healthy eating regime.




Aging isn’t a big, sudden thing. It’s lots of little things, all adding up over time. Every day millions of your cells are attacked by molecules called ‘free radicals’ caused by junk food and pollutants. Over time, this cellular damage causes wrinkles through to the most dreaded illnesses. 


Resveratrol, Ellagic acid, Quercetin, Myricetin and Kaempferol are five natural polyphenolic molecules that help reduce the effects of cellular damage. They are found in abundance in muscadine grape skin. For example, the American muscadine has up to 100x more Resveratrol than some European grapes. 




Americans of all ages are worried that their lifestyle is a time bomb for ill health, cognitive decline and premature aging. Food additives, excessive sugar, lack of exercise … these are some of the topics that health conscious folks worry about.


OPC Oligomeric procyanidins, Catechins, Epicatechins and Gallic acid are powerful antioxidant molecules found in muscadine grape seed. They can help your body to deal with free radicals, leading to healthier cells and more cellular energy.




A study of 29 adults with high blood pressure found that 300 mg daily of grapeseed extract lowered systolic blood pressure by 5.6% and diastolic blood pressure by 4.7% after six weeks. Muscadinex NRG contains 350mg of the potent muscadine grapeseed.


Grapeseed OPCs can help keep heart tissue healthy and improve blood circulation by strengthening capillaries, arteries, and veins.



The polyphenol molecules in muscadine skin and antioxidant molecules in muscadine seed are complementary. They work in different ways to give you a spectrum of health benefits.


Muscadinex is the answer for people who prefer natural health solutions.



BioPerine® piperine pepper extract from Sabinsa Corporation can boost polyphenol bioavailability by 299%, and boost vitamin/antioxidant bioavailability by 250%. 


By adding BioPerine® to Muscadinex MX2, we took America's healthiest grape … and made it almost three times stronger.



Muscadinex MX2 is made in FDA-inspected facilities. The capsule is vegetarian and contains no gelatin. There are no artificial additives.


The muscadine skin and muscadine seed powder are not processed or distilled, so the resveratrol, ellagic acid, quercetin and other beneficial molecules are in their natural proportions.

Muscadinex MX2 brain health formulation.

250mg whole blueberry per capsule.


Blueberries are a powerful source of the polyphenol pterostilbene. Our blueberry powder is sourced from Florida and bottled with our Carolina muscadine powder. Two American superfruits in one capsule!

125mg muscadine skin per capsule. 


Most grape supplements only contain the seed. But grape skin is more expensive to produce … and that’s where you get the polyphenols resveratrol, ellagic acid and quercetin. The muscadine is America’s strongest source of grape resveratrol.


125mg muscadine seed per capsule. 


Nowadays lots of grapes sold in shops are seedless, so you miss out on the health benefits of grape seed. The OPC antioxidant benefits in muscadine grape seed are 20 times greater than is found in Vitamin E, and 50 times greater than in Vitamin C.


BioPerine® 95% pepper extract. 5 mg per capsule. 


BioPerine® piperine pepper extract from Sabinsa Corporation can boost polyphenol bioavailability by 299%, and boost vitamin/antioxidant bioavailability by 250%. 


USA quality. 100% vegetarian.


Vegetarian capsule. No artificial ingredients. Made in the USA in FDA-inspected, cGMP-certified facilities. No animals products.


No-quibble, money back guarantee.


Every Muscadinex product comes with a no-quibble, money back guarantee. So you can try Muscadinex MX2 with complete peace of mind.

Muscadine grape resveratrol and blueberry pterostilbene for your brain health goals.

Thank you for reading about the background to muscadines, blueberries and their brain health benefits.

Muscadinex MX2 is the product to choose for brain protection and glucose reduction as part of a keep fit program.

We also have products for cardio health (NRG) and cellular healing / longevity (MX1). Plus a money-saving bundle if you would like to try all three of our products.

Muscadinex NRG 400px-min.png

Muscadinex NRG

- 350mg muscadine skin

- 250mg coconut

- 60x vegetarian capsules


Main goal: Cardio vascular health, blood pressure control and more energy.


Overview: Our strongest dose of muscadine grape seed antioxidants. Coconut MCT can also increase energy.


mx2 inv 400px blueberry alzheimer's-min_

Muscadinex MX2

- 250mg Florida blueberry

- 125mg muscadine skin

- 125mg muscadine seed

- 5mg BioPerine® piperine

- 60x vegetarian capsules


Main goal: Pterostilbene brain protection and blood glucose reduction.


Overview: A unique blend of muscadine and blueberry. A natural brain protection supplement.


mx1 inv 400px grapeseed resveratrol-min_

Muscadinex MX1

- 325mg muscadine skin
- 325mg muscadine seed
- 5mg BioPerine® piperine
- 60x vegetarian capsules


Main goal: Cellular healing & disease protection. Resveratrol can help promote longevity.


Overview: Our strongest dose of muscadine grape skin. Maximum polyphenol health benefits.


Holistic Health Bundle

- 1x Muscadinex NRG

- 1x Muscadinex MX2

- 1x Muscadinex MX1

- 180x vegetarian capsules

- Saves over $11

Main goal: Ideal for people who want to start a keep fit program with multiple health goals.


Overview: Our Holistic Health Bundle offers the full spectrum of Muscadine health benefits. MRSP $78.97. Save $11.85.



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