Muscadine Fruit Juice Soap.

Muscadine juice soap molecules help keep your skin moist.

The sugars in muscadine grape juice soap help keep skin moist.

The natural sugars in muscadine juice draw moisture into the skin.

News flash. Fructose fruit sugar humectant is good for your skin!

Just about all soaps - both mass produced and handmade soaps - use water as their base. But with Muscadinex soap we use only pure muscadine grape juice as the base.

There’s two reasons why:

First, the fructose in muscadines is a natural sugar. And when applied to the skin, sugar is a humectant … which means it helps your skin draw moisture from the second layer (the dermis) to the top layer (the epidermis). This moisturizing process makes the skin less prone to cracking and chafing.

Humectants also encourage your skin to shed dead cells, enabling younger, fresher cells to come to the surface. It’s like an exfoliant … but without the abrasion.

The second benefit of muscadine juice is that fructose sugars contain natural glycolic acid. This is an AHA alpha hydroxy acid which encourages young cells to replace old cells. So your skin can, quite literally, be younger. AHA is especially beneficial for sun damaged and aging skin.

In summary, although we avoid sugar in what we eat … your skin can benefit from the external application of sugars.

Muscadine grape fructose and skincare. Useful links.

At Muscadinex we've been making health supplements for years. Our supplements contain concentrated powder of the muscadine skin (for polyphenols like resveratrol) and muscadine seed (for antioxidants). The sugary flesh has traditionally been used for making delicious wines and jams. And then we thought ... why not use the juice for a luxury soap?


If you'd like to know more about the science behind our unique skincare package, please read our in-depth article: "Beauty is more than skin deep."


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INNER PROTECTION. Muscadinex MX1 Anti Aging Supplement. Known as American’s healthiest grape, the muscadine is America's richest source of grape resveratrol and other polyphenols. Made with concentrated muscadine grapeseed (antioxidants) and grape skin (polyphenols). Bundle contains one bottle (60 vege capsules) of MX1 supplement. Take 2 capsules a day.

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