How Muscadine Juice makes Antiaging Skincare Soap.

Just about all soaps - both mass produced and handmade soaps - use water as their base. But with Muscadinex soap we use only pure muscadine grape juice as the base.

There’s two reasons why:

First, the fructose in muscadines is a natural sugar. And when applied to the skin, sugar is a humectant … which means it helps your skin draw moisture from the second layer (the dermis) to the top layer (the epidermis). This moisturizing process makes the skin less prone to cracking and chafing.

Humectants also encourage your skin to shed dead cells, enabling younger, fresher cells to come to the surface. It’s like an exfoliant … but without the abrasion.

The second benefit of muscadine juice is that fructose sugars contain natural glycolic acid. This is an AHA alpha hydroxy acid which encourages young cells to replace old cells. So your skin can, quite literally, be younger. AHA is especially beneficial for sun damaged and aging skin.

In summary, although we avoid sugar in what we eat … your skin can benefit from the external application of sugars.

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Muscadine juice. Natural skincare program on Amazon.

Muscadine juice is just one of the ingredients in our handmade, antiaging soap.

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Our handmade, natural antiaging soap. The highlights.

🍇TRIPLE MOISTURIZING SKINCARE. Our Muscadinex soap combines three oils which deliver a wide spectrum of rejuvenating skincare benefits. Natural shea butter contains linoleic oil for skin hydration. Virgin olive oil contains squalene for skin elasticity. And organic coconut oil adds deep, antibacterial cleansing for radiant, healthy skin. A great face moisturizer.

🍇MUSCADINE JUICE FOR CELLULAR REJUVENATION. Instead of using water as the base for our soap we use pure muscadine juice. The natural fructose fruit sugars help to draw moisture into your cells and also encourage the growth of new cells. Thanks to the natural fructose in our muscadine juice you also get a luxuriant foam for a deep-cleansing wash. It’s a luxuriant way to fight wrinkles.

🍇MUSCADINE POLYPHENOLS FOR ANTI-AGING. Known as American’s healthiest grape, the muscadine is America's richest source of grape resveratrol and other polyphenols. These fruit polyphenols can protect cells from the effects of free radicals, pollution and UV light. Our muscadine juice base contains pressed muscadine skins, which is where those healthy polyphenols are found. It’s the perfect beauty skincare gift.

🍇NO JUNK, ANIMAL FRIENDLY. No harsh chemicals, parabens or detergents. No propylene glycol or SLS sodium lauryl sulphate. Naturally antibacterial without triclosan. Plus our canola oil is naturally pressed and rich in Omega 3 for healthy skin. And our ‘richer lather’ palm oil is sustainable, to help local farmers and protect animal habitats. It’s the environmentally sensitive soap you’ve been looking for.

🍇HANDMADE IN THE USA, NATURALLY. Our unique antiaging soap is handmade in North Carolina. Each bar is made the old-fashioned way using the traditional cold cure process. This means the bars are left to mature for four weeks so the active ingredients can have maximum health and beauty benefits. Every bar is individually shrink-wrapped to ensure it reaches you in perfect condition. It’s handmade soap for women and men.


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