Muscadinex Launches Antiaging Skincare Bundle.

Why does skin age and get wrinkles?

Skin ages from the outside AND the inside.

On the outside your epidermis is being assaulted by aggressive molecules called free radicals. These unstable electrons come from UV sunlight, cigarette smoke and other airborne pollutants. Plus your skin has to combat germs and the perils of dehydration.

On the inside it’s the same story as your subcutaneous tissue is being attacked by more free radicals. This time those unstable electrons are the result of junk food and pollutants in the food you eat and the air you breathe.

Handmade vegetarian natural soap.

At Muscadinex, our goal is to help people age better.

So we've just launched a muscadine soap which complements our muscadine supplements:

- Handmade in North Carolina.

- Made with muscadine juice plus ...

- Organic coconut oil, shea butter and olive oil.

- Vegetarian. No artificial ingredients.

Your skin will notice the difference between our natural handmade soap and mass produced soaps.

Muscadinex 'Inside & Out' skincare program.

how skin ages and wrinkles

Our "Inside & Out" skincare bundle helps you protect your skin in two ways.

On the inside, our muscadine grape capsules help to detox your body by neutralizing the harmful free radical molecules which cause aging. So your body is better equipped to generate healthy new skin cells from the inside.

On the outside, our muscadine juice soap helps you to protect and nurture your skin. Our muscadine, coconut, olive oil and shea butter ingredients have a wide range of skincare benefits.

Natural skincare program on Amazon.

Like to know more about the 'Inside & Out' way to encourage healthy new skin?

Here's three options:

Got 5 minutes to spare?

Read our in-depth article about natural skincare. Includes research links.

Want the video highlights?

See the short videos on our Amazon store.

Want to shop now and save money?

Grab a bargain right now with our special ‘capsules + soap’ bundle.

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