Resveratrol. What Are The Health Benefits?

For two decades now, red wine has been getting a lot of attention for its health benefits, particularly those related to heart health and antiaging. What many people may not realize is that the health benefits are thanks to resveratrol, a compound found within the grapes used to make red wine.

Resveratrol health benefits are numerous, and supplements made with resveratrol extractions are more effective than a glass of red wine. The reason is that resveratrol is the grape vine’s immune system, and today’s pampered European variety grape plants simply don’t have such strong immune systems as they used to.

Witness the fact that wines made from America’s hardy muscadine grapes – grown in the humid conditions of North Carolina and other southern states – can have 100 times more resveratrol than wines made from grapes like California Pinot Noir.

No wonder so many seniors are taking resveratrol health supplements.

Resveratrol and Cardio Heart Health.

There are several things that resveratrol does to increase your health heart ... and help to prevent or reduce the impact of heart disease. By reducing inflammation and ‘oxidative stress’ in your body, your arteries will be able to function better.

Resveratrol also helps keep LDL cholesterol from oxidizing. This is the bad type of cholesterol which will clog your arteries, but resveratrol plays a part in preventing it from doing so.

Lastly, resveratrol acts as a blood thinner and can keep your platelets from sticking together which is what creates the clots that then lead to heart attacks.

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Resveratrol and Type 2 Adult Diabetes.

One of the biggest precursors to diabetes is insulin resistance. This is caused when you consistently take in too much sugar, which in turn causes excessive spikes in your blood sugar, and high levels of insulin to be released in your bloodstream. Insulin helps get sugar from your blood into cells, where it is used for energy.

Over time your body no longer responds to the insulin, which leads to the sugar staying in the bloodstream where it causes cellular damage.

Resveratrol helps to prevent insulin resistance, which could help you avoid developing diabetes.

Some scientists think that resveratrol mimics the healthy effects of weight loss.

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Resveratrol and Alzheimer’s Disease.

One of the conditions that leads to and worsens Alzheimer’s disease – as well as other types of dementia – is the buildup of amyloid plaque on brain cells. Scientists believe that resveratrol can help protect your nerve cells from this buildup. This might help to keep them from getting damaged … which in turn could help improve the outlook for those who are worried about Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.

Some researchers even think that the effects of potent antioxidants like resveratrol may help to improve your daily cognitive performance.

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Resveratrol and The Signs of Aging.

Studies on mice indicate that resveratrol might help fight the effects of aging, even with those who have unhealthy lifestyles.

One such study fed two groups of mice a high-calorie diet. One group received resveratrol supplements and it was found that, despite their excessive diets, those who received the resveratrol supplements lived for longer. This is because many of the negative health conditions associated with obesity and high-calorie diets were alleviated by the resveratrol.

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Resveratrol and Weight Loss.

Because of the all of the reasons above, resveratrol is an excellent supplement to help you lose weight as it will magnify the healthy effects any other lifestyle changes you are making … such as improved diet and increased amount of exercise.

If you are just starting out on your weight loss journey – or have been there for a while and are looking for a way to boost your weight loss efforts – consider adding a resveratrol supplement.

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Longevity. The Muscadine is America’s strongest source of grape resveratrol.

As mentioned in the introduction, resveratrol is the grape vine’s immune system. The more the plant is exposed to life’s hardships – like bacterial infections – the stronger its immune system becomes.

So whereas European grape varietals receive water and liberal pesticides, the American muscadine is pretty much left to fend for itself. And because muscadines comes from the humid states (particularly North and South Carolina, Georgia and Florida) they need to be tougher because they are exposed to more potential bacteria.

That’s why more and more American consumers are turning to the muscadine grape as a source of resveratrol and other healthy antioxidants as part of their senior longevity health program.

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