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Resveratrol research excerpts.
More evidence for Longevity Pathway.
© Harvard Medical School.

“New research reinforces the claim that resveratrol—a compound found in plants and food groups, notably red wine—prolongs lifespan and health-span by boosting the activity of mitochondria, the cell’s energy supplier.”

Resveratrol in prevention and treatment of common clinical conditions of aging.
© U.S. National Institutes of Health.

“Resveratrol is a potent member of the class of natural, plant-derived chemicals known as polyphenols. These help explain in part why a diet high in fruit and vegetables confers health benefits and are associated with reduced risk of common complex conditions such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease.”


Resveratrol consumer articles.

6 Reasons to Supplement With Resveratrol.

The Health Benefits of Resveratrol

Benefits of Resveratrol in women's health.

Resveratrol and red wine, healthy heart and longevity.

Resveratrol as a Health and Disease Benefit Agent.


Resveratrol research and aging/longevity.


Resveratrol Delays Age-Related Deterioration and Mimics Transcriptional Aspects of Dietary Restriction.


Resveratrol in prevention and treatment of common clinical conditions of aging.


Resveratrol research and cancer.

Cancer-fighting benefits of resveratrol.

Phytochemicals in diets for breast cancer prevention: The importance of resveratrol and ursolic acid.

Resveratrol and cellular mechanisms of cancer prevention.

Cancer Prevention and Treatment with Resveratrol.

Cancer Chemopreventive Activity of Resveratrol.

Potential of resveratrol in anticancer and anti-inflammatory therapy.

Resveratrol May Be a Powerful Cancer-Fighting Ally.


Resveratrol research and cardio vascular health.


Resveratrol in cardiovascular health and disease.

Resveratrol: a promising agent in promoting cardioprotection against coronary heart disease.


Plant Polyphenols Exhibit Lipoprotein-Bound Antioxidant Activity Using an in Vitro Oxidation Model for Heart Disease.

Acute resveratrol supplementation improves flow-mediated dilatation in overweight/obese individuals with mildly elevated blood pressure.

Resveratrol research and diabetes.


Resveratrol, obesity and diabetes.

Resveratrol supplementation improves glycemic control in type 2 diabetes mellitus.

Anti-diabetic effects of resveratrol.

Other resveratrol research links.


Wikipedia introduction to Resveratrol.

The journey of Resveratrol from yeast to human.

Anti-inflammatory effects of resveratrol.

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