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Muscadine Grape Seed Health Benefits.

Carolina muscadines.
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Top quality supplements. Made in the U.S.

You've read about grapeseed health benefits. And maybe you've read that the American muscadine is the best grape for your health? Welcome to Muscadinex. All our products are made in America, in FDA-inspected facilities. And we only use vegetarian capsules.

US Quality grapeseed

All our muscadine products are made in FDA-inspected facilities here in the USA. Our bottling partner is cGMP certified to give you complete peace of mind.

The muscadine is America’s strongest source of grape resveratrol.

Best value supplements

Home grown muscadine grapes are at the heart of our supplements. By focusing on just a few products and relying on ‘word of mouth’ sales, we can keep costs down.

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Guaranteed products

If your Muscadinex product doesn’t live up to your expectations … just send it back for a full refund. No quibble. No questions asked. You’re the judge.


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Amazon best seller grapeseed health supplements.

The American muscadine is a superfruit. Our supplements can help you extend the healthy years of your life.

grapeseed cardio protection

Muscadinex NRG

- 350mg muscadine skin

- 250mg coconut

- 60x vegetarian capsules


Main goal: Cardio vascular health, blood pressure control and more energy.


Overview: Our strongest dose of muscadine grape seed antioxidants. Coconut MCT can also increase energy.


blueberry pterostilbene alzheimer's protection

Muscadinex MX2

- 250mg Florida blueberry

- 125mg muscadine skin

- 125mg muscadine seed

- 5mg BioPerine® piperine

- 60x vegetarian capsules


Main goal: Pterostilbene brain protection and blood glucose reduction.


Overview: A unique blend of muscadine and blueberry. A natural brain protection supplement.


grape resveratrol longevity

Muscadinex MX1

- 325mg muscadine skin
- 325mg muscadine seed
- 5mg BioPerine® piperine
- 60x vegetarian capsules


Main goal: Cellular healing & disease protection. Resveratrol can help promote longevity.


Overview: Our strongest dose of muscadine grape skin. Maximum polyphenol health benefits.


Holistic Health Bundle

- 1x Muscadinex NRG

- 1x Muscadinex MX2

- 1x Muscadinex MX1

- 180x vegetarian capsules

- Saves over $11

Main goal: Ideal for people who want to start a keep fit program with multiple health goals.


Overview: Our Holistic Health Bundle offers the full spectrum of Muscadine health benefits. MRSP $78.97. Save $11.85.


Genuine customer testimonial for Muscadinex MX2

This product really works. I have been using it for several months and I am completely satisfied.


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