Piceatannol Health Benefits.

Piceatannol can help with cardio, allergy and vitamin boost.

Picetannol can magnify the health benefits of vitamins in your body.

Piceatannol can magnify the benefits of vitamins in your body.

Piceatannol is a metabolite of resveratrol, the polyphenol behind the ‘red wine miracle’. The skin of the muscadine is America’s strongest source of grape resveratrol. Muscadine skin also contains ellagic acid, quercetin, myricetin and kaempferol.

Scientists and researchers think that one of the many health benefits of red wine is in the piceatannol compound that comes from the grapes that wine is made from. There are a number of preventative health benefits of piceatannol that you could potentially gain by taking piceatannol as a supplement, especially when it is present in conjunction with other synergistic fruit polyphenols like resveratrol and ellagic acid.

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Piceatannol and Heart Health.

When your heart is healthy, your whole body is going to work better because the blood is flowing properly and taking oxygen to all of your cells, and also taking toxins away from those same cells.

Piceatannol is a potential way to improve your heart cardio health because it has been found to protect the heart against disease. It does this in several ways, one of which is acting as an anti-inflammatory. When your blood vessels are inflamed, it is more difficult for the blood to travel through them which can lead to arteries becoming blocked and a number of other serious problems that can be prevented or reduced by adding piceatannol to your daily regimen.

Piceatannol is found in muscadine grapes and other fruits and berries.

Research link. Resveratrol, pterostilbene, and piceatannol in vaccinium berries.


Piceatannol and Allergies.

Allergies cause an inflammatory reaction in the body. Any inflammation found in the body has a negative impact on the body as a whole, and will lead to different symptoms depending on the area that is experiencing the inflammation.

Researchers say that piceatannol can help to reduce inflammation throughout the body that may be caused by allergies, which can help improve your overall health and well-being. Many people have allergies that they are not aware of because the effects on their body are minimal, so taking piceatannol could even help fight that inflammation that you’re not aware of.

Research link. Piceatannol inhibits mast cell-mediated allergic inflammation.


Piceatannol can Enhance Vitamins.

Although there is evidence which indicates that piceatannol can act directly on your DNA to help improve your overall lifespan, that’s not the only way that piceatannol can help you look and feel younger for longer. Piceatannol works alongside antioxidants and vitamins to increase their effectiveness in the body.

That means that more toxins will be removed from your body by antioxidants, and the effects of the vitamins that you get every day will be amplified, resulting in a body that is healthier and stays young longer.

Research link. Therapeutic Role of Resveratrol and Piceatannol in Disease Prevention.


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Piceatannol health research for cardio, allergy and vitamin enhancement.

Piceatannol is just one of the healthy molecules found in muscadine grapes.