Quercetin Health Benefits.

Quercetin can boost the immune system for viral protection.

Quercetin suppresses NLRP3 inflammasome and could offer some Covid protection.

Quercetin could help you fight off viral infection and reduce the severity of symptoms.

Quercetin is found in nearly every dark-colored fruit and vegetable, many of which are considered to be “superfoods.” In fact it is quercetin that is partly responsible for making these foods so healthy.

Research done on a variety of diseases has indicated that inflammation – at a cellular level – is often the root of the problem. This means that by reducing inflammation in your body, you can effectively fight off a wide variety of serious diseases, as well as the effects of aging.

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Anti-Inflammatory effect of quercetin.

Quercetin does this by acting as an antioxidant and removing the free radicals from the body that cause damage at the cellular and even genetic level. By reducing this damage – and therefore by reducing inflammation – you can avoid or reduce diseases such as skin disorders, prostate problems, chronic fatigue syndrome, bladder infections, inflammation of the ovaries, viral infections, gout, cognitive impairment, stomach ulcers, allergies, asthma, diabetes and insulin resistance, heart disease, and high cholesterol.

Research link. Therapeutic Effects of Quercetin on Inflammation, Obesity, and Type 2 Diabetes.


Quercetin could reduce the risk of heart disease.

Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, quercetin is excellent for potentially reducing the risk of cardiovascular heart disease. And because quercetin is an active ingredient in grapes and red wine, this has led to red wine being considered good for your heart.

Heart disease is caused by a build-up of plaque in your arteries which is often the result of an unhealthy diet which is high in saturated fats. Over time, this plaque cuts off or greatly reduces the flow of blood to your heart. By regularly taking supplements that contain quercetin, you will be able to lower your cholesterol levels and blood pressure which will lead to a healthier heart and a lowered risk of heart disease.

Research link. The Healthy Heart Guide website lists seven ways that quercetin can protect cardio vascular health.


Increased energy is another quercetin health benefit.

As mentioned in the previous paragraph about cardiovascular health benefits, quercetin helps to improve your blood flow … which in turn will help you have more energy, especially during exercise.

A recent study done at the Georgia Institute of Technology revealed that quercetin helped to increase the endurance of their test subjects. Increased energy is important for people who are trying to lose weight for several reasons. First of all, as you make changes in your diet you may find that you have less energy because your body is not used to getting less calories. You will also need more energy to exercise more, which is why supplementing with quercetin can help.

Research link. Quercetin and endurance exercise capacity: a systematic review and meta-analysis.


Quercetin can boost the immune system.

Getting sick is particularly bad for older people and those who are trying to lose weight because it makes it easy to slip back into bad eating and exercise habits when you aren’t feeling well.

However, by taking quercetin regularly, you can give your immune system a boost and maintain overall health. There was one study done on cyclists who found that taking quercetin every day helped prevent them from developing respiratory infections that are common in people who regularly exercise heavily.

Research link: Quercetin, Inflammation and Immunity.


Arthritis pain reduction and natural polyphenols like quercetin.

Because quercetin is a powerful antioxidant that works to reduce inflammation throughout the body, it can also reduce pain associated with various conditions such as arthritis, infections, and autoimmune disorders.

In fact, there are many people who take quercetin specifically for arthritis as it is considered to be a natural arthritis treatment. By reducing the pain you are experiencing from arthritis or other conditions, you will not only be able to feel better, but you will also be able to be more active and continue to lose weight.

Research link: Quercetin alleviates rheumatoid arthritis by inhibiting neutrophil inflammatory activities.


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